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October Family Project


Family Literacy Project   

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear; identify, and manipulate individual sounds in a word. We practice phonemic awareness in a variety of ways everyday during our literacy block. One of the ways to develop phonemic awareness is to create tongue twisters. The children listen for beginning sounds that are alike and then see the same beginning letter in print. Tongue twisters help link the letter sound to the written letter.


Attached you will find a piece of paper. I would like for you to make a tongue twister for each person in your house. Your child may use the tongue twister we created at school or create a new one. Also, there is a place for your child to draw his/her family members.


Examples:   Mike makes messy mud pies.

                   Kim kisses kind kangaroos.

                   Summer sings silly songs.

                   Erica eats eleven eggs.

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